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We offer a curated selection of practical and quality products. Our select safety products are preferred by craftsmen and employers everywhere for their durability and reliability.

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Expert Safety Tools and Solutions, Industrial Personal Protective Equipment. | Maker of Beamguard™ and Standing Seam Roof Clamp™ | Quality Fall Protection | Harnesses, Hard Hats, Anchors, Lanyards, and more!


Every day we assist employers who are implementing safety solutions. This way we keep sharp to the needs of the user. We pledge to stay active and to not become entrenched in the pushing of safety products over safety solutions. That means we integrate the products with the training and management systems that make the products work for you. We look for the best, regardless of the maker or brand name, and bring you...

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Temporary Worker Safety Law Washington State

Changes to Washington State Safety Laws Could Affect Companies Employing Temporary Workers NationwideNew law applies to employers engaged in construction, contracting, or subcontracting to build highways, utility projects, or facilities that use power-driven machines/equipment Did you know that a...

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What Our Customers are Saying

Preferred Safety has a great selection of fall protection and safety products, as well as some miscellaneous items that are hard to find locally. I’ve had numerous fall protection harnesses and the Preferred Safety brand harnesses are definitely the best bang for your buck. The webbing is a high strength canvas material, but much much lighter than traditional canvas. The shoulder pads are stitched to the straps so they do not move where as other harnesses just have a button and become uncomfortable over time. They have the ability to customize your harness and make it fit correctly. Providing you with the safest fall arrest systems possible.

-N. Black, Safety Manager

They have it all: safety products, information and a real desire to keep you healthy and safe at home and at work!

D. H. Scifo

“Our company is renovating a steel bridge over a river to accommodate a new commuter rail line. There was nothing to tie off to above the girder. Preferred Safety Products supplied us with their Bridge and Form Guard System which allowed us to access the entire length of the bridge while staying tied off 100%. We used the steel flange adapters for each of the piers and vertical mounting adapters to connect to the concrete pads on the ends and the steel piers. We ran horizontal lifeline cable through each post at every 30’ for nearly 600’ of bridge . The installation was incredibly easy. It’s a great system and it is very simple to use and understand especially after Preferred Safety provided training for everyone on the crew."

D. Sisneros, RRP, JV

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