Single Leg Lanyards

Loop Top 

This series of 6′ shock absorbing lanyards has a loop connection at the top of the shock pack. The loop is designed to be choked onto the back D-ring. This allows secure connection to the harness while avoiding ‘2 hooks in the same D’ should a worker need to also connect to a retractable lanyard. It also minimizes the weight and cost of the lanyard.

 Loop Top Adjustable Leg

 Loop Top Straight Leg

 Loop Top Stretch Leg

Double Lock Hook Top 

The traditional connection.  These 6′ shock absorbing lanyards have a forged double locking snap with 3600 lb gate at the top of the shock pack.

Double Lock Top Adjustable Leg

Double Lock Top Straight Leg

Double Lock Top Stretch Leg

Double Lock Top Cable Leg

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