Driver Cowhide Standard Grain Gloves, DZ


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CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS grades leather according to the area on the hide from which it is cut. The premium-grade leather comes from side or shoulder and from areas higher on the animal that receive the least amount of movement. Select-grade leather is selected from the areas of the hide that don’t quite make the Premium grade, but are still a higher-quality leather. The regular and economy cuts are selected from the middle and lower portions of the hide, making it thinner than other grades. This glove is constructed of standard grain cowhide. Cowhide is comfortable, durable, breathable and offers excellent abrasion resistance. It is unlined and features a shirred elastic back and straight thumb, which are designed for closed-fisted work, such as shoveling, prying, and sweeping.


  • Standard Grain Cowhide Driver
  • Unlined
  • Shirred Elastic Back
  • Straight Thumb
  • Sizes: M-XL
  • Sold by the Dozen

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