Roofer’s Safety Bucket



This Portable Roofer Fall Protection Kit includes a reusable roof anchor, a lightweight and universal size harness, fifty feet of 5/8” rope and the attached convenient shock absorbing rope grab (with a short lanyard). This kit also comes with an easy-carry bucket to keep everything together. This kit is long lasting, and high quality.


  • Reusable roof anchor point (fits up to 12/12 pitch)
  • For wood or steel roof/deck
  • Lightweight Universal Harness (fully adjustable)
  • 50’ Rope Lifeline with attached Rope Grab & 18” Shock Absorbing Lanyard
  • Easily store your gear and transport it from job to job with the included carry bucket.
  • Use (12) #12 screws or 16d 3 ½” nails (6 per side) for install onto wood truss (not Included) Use all 32 holes with same fasteners if installing into the field (not positioned over truss or support beam)
  • Use (16) #14 Tek™ (or equal) (8 each side) self-drilling screws onto 22 Gauge (or greater) roof/deck panels. (Not Included)


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