Swivel Guard 10,000 lb Anchor




Swivel Guard 10,000 lb Anchor

The anchor incorporates a revolutionary swivel ring design that allows a D-ring to rotate 360 degrees as well as flip back and forth 180 degrees. This permanent or portable anchorage connector can be used for either concrete or steel. Among numerous applications, it can be utilized for horizontal lifeline systems, tie-back, staging, and rigging.

  • 390MS-B: Swivel Guard anchorage for bolt on steel application, w/bolt, washer, nut, & bevel washer, 10,000 lb
  • 390MS-C1: Swivel Guard anchorage for concrete, w/bolt, washer & expander nut, for 3,000 psi normal weight concrete, 10,000 lb
  • 390MS-C2: Swivel  Guard anchorage for epoxy application, w/rod, jamb nut, & red high threadlocker, 10,000 lb
  • 390MS-W: Swivel Guard anchorage for weld on steel application, 10,000 lb

Replacement hardware available.

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These anchorage connectors have been tested and certified to meet ANSI Z359.1 and have also acquired EN 795 CE (European Certification)


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