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City Port Authority: “I want to protect 100,000 patrons a day, with a steel and glass skylight being erected overhead. Can you do it?” YES! — and design, test, install, and supervise the project as well. Pedestrians and vehicles piled into the Airport buildings and parking garages, with safety and protection overhead — no injuries, mishaps or near misses in nearly 6 months of construction. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved by closing the offsite busing facility and opening the deplaning roadway and parking garages early.

“Answers for all your needs.”
“Customized Safety Solutions.”

Just what does that mean? And what does Preferred Safety have to offer you? Simply this. We have not had an occasion where we could not conceive of a solution to solve a safety problem for a customer. Most of the more complex problems involve risk to the public, interaction of trades and your activities in close proximity. Many times, it is a small item, like, “How can I tie off when doing this work?”

Sometimes the answers aren’t exactly what you had in mind — but they are the truth, and they do include all the best solutions in the marketplace. We don’t push our brand over another, when another is best. We simply supply it for you, as we have access to every brand of safety equipment. In most cases, we innovate and improve on solutions that were mass marketed or mass produced but only get 80-90% of the problems solved. We take it the rest of the way, to solve your needs 100%.

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Complete safety systems, service, maintenance and training for Designers, Contractors, Owners and Managers of buildings and facilities. We integrate solutions for fall protection from heights for all users accessing roof and building facade including maintenance workers and window washing personnel. We can provide complete turnkey service and product or assist you with design, layout, installation and maintenance of safety systems including: permanent roof anchors, davit systems, horizontal lifelines, guard rail, guard line and other safety items. Additionally, we have experienced and qualified safety consultants and engineers that can designate, certify, label, and retrofit existing roof fixtures for compliant safety tie off or tie back points. Simplicity and ease of use, maintenance, training of users and value is our focus. Easily customizable, our products can be attached to practically any surface and custom finished to compliment the structure. Once the system is installed, our clients have clear concise OSHA/ANSI compliant instructions, procedures, roof safety layout (map) highlighting hazards and proper access to the roof and building exterior. Our support continues with certifications, inspections and repair when needed along with overseeing the liability throughout the life of the system.

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Fall protection is often a complex problem, when buildings have multifaceted activities going on concurrently. We will always try to find solutions that work in varied situations. Sometimes, the truth is you need a variety of safety systems to answer the many different exposures. Interchangeable tools and devices might make it easier, and comprehensive training and planning will make it flow, and productivity will improve. Most sales forces can’t imagine what the jobsite conditions are really like. We have lived and worked them, and we let your need dictate what is done for safety, not just what is in our sales catalog.

No one has more expertise in horizontal lifelines and innovations than we do. It’s recognized that most of the innovation in this market started with our principles in the late 80s and early 90s with our first patented systems. Since then, we continue to innovate, using the workers and companies in the field as guides not only for what is needed, but to find the simplest, most economical, and most practical solution. We have multiple methods for concrete, metal buildings, structural steel, bridges, concrete floor forms, and nearly every other application.