"That was very well stated....thank you for taking the time to do this. I appreciate the manner in which you made you point......I can tell you "care", you "get it", and my guess is that you are "good at it"..G (Safety Manager at Chevron Energy Solutions)."

Safety Manager at Chevron Energy Solutions

“Our company is renovating a steel bridge over a river to accommodate a new commuter rail line. There was nothing to tie off to above the girder. Preferred Safety Products supplied us with their Bridge and Form Guard System which allowed us to access the entire length of the bridge while staying tied off 100%. We used the steel flange adapters for each of the piers and vertical mounting adapters to connect to the concrete pads on the ends and the steel piers. We ran horizontal lifeline cable through each post at every 30’ for nearly 600’ of bridge . The installation was incredibly easy. It’s a great system and it is very simple to use and understand especially after Preferred Safety provided training for everyone on the crew."

D. Sisneros, RRP, JV