The Diablo 2.5 Cable Tie-Back SRL-LE combines our Diablo Cable with the Diablo Web tie-back, creating an SRL with both leading-edge capability and the flexibility of tie-back functionality. We’ve added 3′ of tie-back webbing to allow workers to connect directly to the structure, making this a perfect solution where pre-installed anchorage connectors aren’t available (Remember: Never tie back to the cable, always tie back to the web portion of the lifeline only!).

The Diablo 2.5 Cable Tie-Back SRL-LE features a 3/16″ galvanized steel cable and unique integrated shock absorber that gives the worker-at-height confidence to work in conditions where web or non-LE SRLs simply can’t go. It can also be used as a standard SRL when the anchor is sufficiently overhead.

The Diablo Cable Tie-Back SRL-LE limits arrest forces to 900 lbs. and has a 54″ max deceleration distance (non-LE applications).


  • Connects directly to structure
  • Class B SRL – 900 lbs. average arrest force
  • Designed to reduce nuisance lock-ups
  • Dual-leg units also available for 100% tie-off
  • Applicable Standards OSHA 1910 Subpart M, OSHA 1910
  • Worker Capacity Range Leading Edge 130-310 lbs. | Non-Leading Edge 130-420 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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