Bridge and Form Guard™ System

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  • Provides overhead horizontal lifeline anchorage for two workers working together with post spacing of up to 50′.
  • Clearance below, with spacing as much as 50′, is less than 11′ (with retractors).
  • Other embeds and surface mounted adapters are available — as well as an adapter for Structural Steel!
  • The system uses a series of special strength and shock absorbing aluminum poles with shock absorbing toppers that provide a means to dissipate the energy from the fall arrest, while maintaining rigidity to minimize total fall distances.
  • Standard shock absorbing lanyards (i.e. 900 lb. Preferred Safety Series 231, 234 or equal) or retractables (i.e. Preferred Safety 511RLWD-11 or 520RLCD-20 or equal) may be used on the horizontal lifeline and two workers may work within any two poles.
  • PassThrus™ at intermediates are available for the versatile system to minimize the use of the second lanyard technique for 100% tie off.

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