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Daily Crane Log

OSHA’s Subsection 1926.550(a)(6) requires that employers have a competent person perform a thorough annual inspection of the hoisting machinery used in construction. It also requires the employer to maintain a record of the dates and results of these inspections for each hoisting machine and piece of equipment. Our Daily Crane Log book is perfectly designed for one year of record keeping, for one crane–keeping your employees safe by accurately tracking and maintaining crane equipment.

Each logbook includes:

  • Daily Inspection Checklist (Form C2)
  • Daily Inspection Log (Form C3)
  • Operator Daily Maintenance Report (Form C4)
  • Monthly Inspection Report (Form C5)
  • All records in one convenient book
  • Part No. 795500
  • Reflects “Final Rule” per 11-8-10 changes to OSHA CFR 29 1926.1412, 1435(f) & 1436(p).

Instructions for Use:

The Crane Log is designed to assist the users of overhead, gantry, and mobile cranes in complying with the daily and monthly inspection requirements of OSHA. The log also supplies a permanent record when these instructions are followed.
  1. The superintendent identifies the crane and pairs it with a specific log book (one per crane)
  2. The superintended asks each operator of that crane to read page one (Daily Crane Inspection) and sign/date showing they have read and understand.
  3. Upon commencing a shift, the operator checks the appropriate column for reports written that day and marks whether or not one has.
  4. If a maintenance report is indicated, the operator refers to the back of the book for a report. He makes out his report, leaves the duplicate in the logbook, and forwards the original to the superintendent.
  5. Operator completes a daily pre-trip inspection (to include reviewing previous day’s post-trip inspection).
  6. Operator who begins the trip signs log (form C3) and checks the appropriate columns for reports written that day.
  7. If maintenance report is indicated, operator refers to back of book for report; follows rules outlined in step 4 for report placement,
  8. On the first working day of each month, the operator completes a Monthly Crane Inspection Report (C5).
  9. The log ALWAYS stays with the crane.
*Please carefully review printed rules before use*

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