D-Ring Extender



D-Ring Extender

D-Ring Extender is designed to extend worker’s back D-ring allowing the worker to easily hook and unhook a retractable lanyard without the need for assistance. All too often on job sites, hooking or unhooking into the anchor point requires a second person to attach a worker. This incredibly helpful product by Preferred Safety Products allows the harnessed worker to clip and unclip his own harness into the restraint system, for improved comfort and versatility.

For workers who find themselves constantly clipping into and out of their restraint system, this D-Ring extender is a must have!

D-Ring Extender Features:

  • 2″ wide Webbing
  • Forged D-ring
  • Available with loop top (12 in) or double lock top (18 in)

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Note: Increases total free fall. In order to remain complaint with OSHA, it is important to calculate the distance added to the harness/lanyard system (12″ or 18″, depending on variety selected) and either shorten lanyards or raise anchor point accordingly.

Looking for help making a safety decision? Not sure what product is right for your needs? We have an incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate team that can steer you in the right direction. Sometimes the best decision you can make is to recognize you need help to make the safest call–let our team help you, as we’ve helped customers like you for over 30 years!

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