Rafter Guard


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  • Useful where the Beamguard cannot be used due to obstructions on the top of flanges.
  • Unique design of post minimizes hardware and eliminates the need for shock absorbers in the cable, making installation simple with less adjustment.
  • Rafter Guard is mounted to rafters as you erect them and post is outboard of the eave strut to allow roof and flashing to be installed while fully protected.
  • Leave on the building from initial erection until the building is closed in.
  • Standard size mounts to any rafter over 4″ flange (up to 2-1/8″ thick).
  • Meets OSHA required fall protection – 15’ ironworkers, 6’ all other trades.
  • Fits almost any metal building or steel structure.
  • 24″ horizontal post extension available.

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NOTE: Rafter Guard assembly includes single post and all mounting hardware. Minimum two posts needed. Cable Assembly not included.

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