Rope Termination Plate



Rope Termination Plate for 5/8″ Safety Rope – Anchor Point

Anchor functions to integrate an anchorage connector with a vertical lifeline system. To use, install rope through the Rope Termination Plate Anchor according to the provided instructions, and either connect it with a compatible carabineer to a separate anchorage connector, or loop around a compatible anchor point and pull rope through the Rope Termination Plate Anchor to create a self-contained system. The Rope Termination Plate Anchor is certified to withstand loads up to 5,000 pounds, is made from lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum, and is incredibly simple to use.

• Convenient lifeline connection point
• Reusable lightweight aluminum
• Easy instructions for tie-off
• Stays tight, while always remaining simple to untie
• Attach carabiner (not included) to top hole for attachment to anchor point

SKU: 400RT

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Weight .8 lbs


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