Shock Pack – Harness Attachment



Features and Benefits:

Have a favorite harness/lanyard combo, but it’s not compliant for leading edge protection because it lacks a shock pack? This Shock Pack – Harness Attachment add-on is the solution for you!

This product is useful for introducing shock pack/shock absorbing qualities to your setup, which may include:

  • Older lanyards
  • Leading edge work
  • Retractable lifelines with higher forces in line
  • Tie off at lower levels (i.e. not overhead – such as at your feet)


  • Replacement shock absorbers
  • Use anywhere less force is desirable
  • Use anywhere retractable lifelines are used horizontally
  • Use for leading edge work such as forms, roofs, decking  and sheeting
  • Use for in line shock absorbers for life lines

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