Barricade Tape / Barrier Tape



Barrier Tape / Barricade Tape

Job sites are dangerous places to be. Barrier Tape is a must!

There are two important facets to keeping a jobsite safe: ensuring proper equipment/procedures are used, and making sure everyone on the sits has been properly trained. Job sites are often in areas with pedestrian traffic, and keeping those pedestrians away from any potential hazards is of paramount importance!

Preferred Safety Products Barrier Tape, available in Yellow (caution) or Red (danger) helps you mark off the site keeping it safer for workers as well as laymen walking through the area. Simply unfurl the roll at waist-height and affix with a method of your choosing (stakes, staples, ties).

In areas with high use, be sure to check out our Heavy Duty Barrier Tape–reinforced to withstand wind, rain, and other environmental factors.

Barrier Tape Features and Varieties:

  • Reduce liability by marking off-limit or hazardous areas
  • Reusable
  • Available in RED (Danger) or YELLOW (Caution)
  • Available in Standard: 3 IN x 1000 FT or Heavy Duty (Reinforced): 3 IN x 500 FT

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Looking for help making a safety decision? Not sure what product is right for your needs? We have an incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate team that can steer you in the right direction. Sometimes the best decision you can make is to recognize you need help to make the safest call–let our team help you, as we’ve helped customers like you for over 30 years!

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