Perimeter Flagging





Roof Warning Line Vinyl Pennant, 105′ L, includes (42) 12″ x 18″ flags per strand. OSHA Compliant Pennants can be used for a variety of applications. These pennants with their reinforced strands are for use with a roof warning line perimeter. The warning line shall be staged and supported in such a way that it is no less than 34 inches from the walking/working surface at its lowest point and no more than 39 inches at its highest point. Tensile strength 500 lbs.

Product Specs:

  • 105’ length
  • Material – Vinyl
  • Flag Size – 12” X 18”
  • Reinforced strands with 500lb tensile strength

Part Numbers:

  • 615WS-30 – Red & Yellow Flags
  • 615WS-30R – Red Flags

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