Trauma Straps


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Trauma Straps

Trauma Straps are an imperative piece of your fall protection setup, as post-fall arrest suspension trauma is recognized as a critical factor in high angle rescue.

Preferred Safety Products identifies this serious condition and offers this solution. The purpose of suspension trauma strap is to give the user relief while waiting to be rescued.

It consists of 2 zippered pouches with contained webbing that attach to each other that can be deployed in an event of a fall. It can easily be fitted to any full body harness, without altering the harness. During the fall arrest, unzip the pouches to deploy the webbing, The user would then place their feet in the loop created by the joined straps. The user can now stand or maintain a seated position. In the seated position, the user can slightly loosen the leg straps to achieve a more comfortable position while waiting for rescue.

Trauma Strap Features:

• High tenacity Polyester webbing – 0.79 in.
• formed zippered pouches
• textile loops are given on the straps for adjustment for different worker heights
• Lightweight – .24 lbs.

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